Why go to Doctors

Your Student Health Center, Out of the Box

Online Doctor Visits Available 24/7 From Your Dorm, on Any Device

Get a diagnosis, prescription, and note for the teacher. Then get back to class.

(Or … back to whatever it was you were doing.)

Why go to Doctors

What's CampusMD?

bitcoin price hkd Glad you asked! CampusMD is a virtual doctor – actually many virtual doctors – available for college students 24/7. Log on and get instant, face-to-face access to a US board certified doctor. Whether you have questions, need a diagnosis, or a prescription, you’ll get one in minutes, from the comfort of your couch. No walking. No waiting. No stress.

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Online Doctor Visits Made Soooo Easy

  • Step 1
    Enroll in CampusMD.
    (Under 18? You need a parent.)
  • Step 2
    Choose your doctor.
  • Step 3
    Get a diagnosis, treatment,
    and get back to class.

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